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The aims of the NESSIE programme are

  • Strengthening of communicative skills (listening, understanding and speaking)
  • Developing a language-friendly classroom atmosphere
  • Supporting regional and cultural studies.
  • On-the-spot in-service language training for staff


Year 4 primary school pupils participate in a week-long project with a mobile Native Speaker Teacher (NST). The pupils are given the opportunity to use their language skills in real-life situations, and to experience the language and culture of English-speaking countries.

An important factor in the NESSIE projects is that the language is learnt in context, and as far as possible in real-life situations, and the NESSIE NSTs act as an authentic linguistic role-model, with regard to pronunciation, intonation and speech rhythm.

So-called ‘Dual Language Primary Centres’ are set up in Viennese school districts as the base schools of the NESSIE teachers, these centres work together with the European Office of the Vienna Board of Education to co-ordinate the deployment of the NESSIE NSTs, within the district.


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